Motivation.  There’s a popular word that still does not get enough airplay.  Only when we are doing our very best are we motivated.  But how can we be totally on, totally focused, totally with it?  Be motivated.  We always go looking for motivation until we find it…within ourselves.

When we have to do something, we do it.  That’s motivation.  Believing we have to do something.  That’s motivation.  I have to write 200 words at the moment.  I can’t quit until I do.  That’s motivation.

Still, it is very helpful to read the experts, the legends, for the super motivation that stays with us day after day.  Napolean Hill was a master a motivating his readers.  His “Think and Grow Rich is perhaps the best motivation book of all time.  If you haven’t read it, get ahold of a copy.  They say he wrote an every better book, “Get Rich in Peace of Mind.”  Another classic indeed.

It’s great to read the rags to riches stories.  They are sure motivating, but most of us are not in rags, or starving.  We probably don’t have any extra money, and may be close to being thrown out of our houses or losing our cars, since the current great recession has humbled everyone, the high and mighty as well as the common folk.  We all need the same thing, I guess: motivation!


Users are joing the internet by droves!  Incredible, the number of internet users is doubling every year?  When people have a question about something, they don’t drive to the library; they don’t pick up the phone and call their mom.  They look on the internet where answers are available by the millions!

From where is the nearest store that carries inflatable boats to where is the nearest 24-hour pharmacy, to which on-line dating service should I enroll in, all these questions can be answered on the internet!

So you would think that when one wants to begin internet marketing, it should be easy to make money because of the sheer numbers of people show are customers.  But not so fast.  The trick is to get the attention of those customers somehow, and present them with answers to questions they have, solutions to their problems, products that will meet their very needs.  It can be pretty tricky to get the attention of the roving masses.

You can set up your blog, create products or market products offered as part of an affliate program, but you want make any money until significate numbers of people have seen your offers, since perhaps only 3 percent of them will buy.  So once you start putting your products and affiliate products out there, be prepared that your initial sales will be few and fare between.  But keep at it, and like almost any business, you should see your efforts pay off over time…as weeks turn into months turn into years…

A Goal is Dream with a Deadline!

I can guess what you might want: how about a new career as an internet marketer making six figures or more per year?  Am I right?  Would this be for you?  Ok.  This would not be too bad an option, but how in the world is one to get into it?  Where does one start?

Most people start by learning all they can from articles, ezines, posts, emails, and, very importanly, buying internet products specifically designed to help them more forward into internet marketing, as least according to the sellers of the products.

But unfortunately, many products purchased don’t seem to contribute to one’s bottom line or move one’s internet business forward at all.  Bummer.  So what is one to do?  Give up?  No, although many people do just that.  I mean, the idea of making $100,000 a year from one’s home computer is certainly a tempting image.  Can it this idea or ,can I say, GOAL be attained.  Is it realistic?

Hey, a lot of people have attained that very same goal!  More people have tried and failed than have succeeded.  So why do some succeed where others fail?  I would say there are two factors at work: EDUCATION and DETERMINATION.

Determination is something you have to provide.  But I think it is easy to be determined if you have help: if you have continuous reinforcement, are making great progress in many ways, and are on your way to success.

Eduication, on the other hand, is very difficult to produce by oneself.  This is where I can help you.  My GOAL is to provide you a set of 4 to 6 educational products by this  Dec 15th (2011) that you can purchase for under 10 dollars, and learn tons!

So stay tuned!


If you are curious about Internet Marketing, all the hot press about the work-from-home millionaires, you are are starting to investigate, and if you are like me, you are overwhelmed!  There is so much information, much of it conflicting, about how you should proceed, to whom to give your money for help.

You might have bought an information product, or two, which have not seen any activity as of yet!  One can spend the day trolling the internet, reading claim after claim, story of success one after another, and think, “How in the world can I get into this whirl-i-gig of the interent free-for-all?

After puchasing about 2,000 dollars of information products over the last 4 months, I tried a cheap mentering program.  This guy, a nice guy I suppose, had me laboriously coding HTML and struggling to get something on line, anything, but not with a purpose.  Then I realized I needed a program that gives results.  So I found a program with urgency, the urgency to make money.  The days later, here I am blogging on WordPress, with graphics and all the bells and whistles to come.

Finding you way into the chaos of internet marketing is not easy at all.  You really need professional help, much as you would pursue a college education if you want to professional job, or find a professional mechanic if your car has big problems!  Doing the intense almost 8 hour a day research to learn about all that is required, to sift through all the noise on the internet, and to associate yourself with great like-minded people is the only way to go.  Like almost everything in life, there are no shortcuts.  And if you find a shortcut, you might later say, as the survivors of the Donner Party said, “Don’t take no shortcuts on your way out here!”



New Ebay Auction System Product boosts your income!

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Here’s a New Product anyone would love…

Here’s a new product Stuart Turnbull has released that anyone would love to receive as a gift.  Or you might want to use it yourself.  Stuart teaches you how to find out of print illustrated books with appropriate illustrations that you can then sell on ebay.  It is wonderful business model.  Check out Stuart’s description of his product here:  

And Stuart’s training course is only $17!  Wow, what a great way to start a business with almost absolutely no money!  I cannot think of another business I could start with so little for the complete training course, followed up by equally small investments with are immediately recouped by sales.

You know how much style and elegance a colorful antique print can add to your home.  Antique prints are one of the most common sellers on ebay, and can be a source of continual income for you.  What a profitable and fun niche!





Holiday Marketing is upon us…

Nowadays, in our consumer age, every holiday is seen as a field day for marketers.  Perhaps the holidays were created by marketers; I don’t know.  The history of holidays goes way back, back to when holidays were weather-centric, weather created.  If a blizzard hit, voila’, you had a holiday. A typhoon coming ashore, everyone hunkers down.

But now, living in a 24-hour media blitz called the modern world, we often let the shrill calls to buy pass over our heads.  But at the same time, a shopper’s holiday such as Black Friday gives a chance to find some bargains, and pick up another TV or new computer on sale!  Why not.  How to sift thorough the piles of stuff coming at us?  This is where bloggers come in.  We spend the time and the effort to go though the details, read the specs, study the reviews, and come up with good solid recommendations based on our research, and often personal experience.  So find a blogger you trust, and go along for the ride.  Hopefully the good will outweigh the bad.  Remember, nobody is perfect.  But some people are trustworthy, looking out for your interests; others are not. It is up to your good judgment to find a good voice, and keep in touch!



The best things in life are…

As the song goes, “The best things in life are free…”, and this is so true today.  If you really love someone, the best thing you can give them is you, your presence, your attention, your love.  There is no amount of gold or diamonds in the world that is worth one minute of someone’s love.  We get so caught up in the pursuit of material things, when the most important thing is this world is each other.  It is so good to remember this on Thanksgiving Eve, 2011.  Perhaps families that fight is not the best place to find love, but if you give love, you will surely get love.  Desire, attraction, an intense presence, a heightened state of awareness, all are manifestations of that thing called love.  I don’t know if love makes the world go round, but it can sure get you into a heap of trouble, or lost in a wonderful world of communicating and sharing!  And the person that benefits the most and learns the most is you, when you give all you have to give!  The more you love, the more giving you are, the more intense and real the whole experience becomes.  So open yourself up to love and let love work its wonders!

Black Friday

On tuesday before Thanksgiving, the excitement is building!  Are we excited about having our Thanksgiving in a few days?  Maybe.  But more so, it seems, we are excited to be drooling over not food, but the huge number of products available from, Ebay, Target, Tiger Direct, and all the other on-line marketers, products that will be available at cut rate, or should I say, cut throat, prices on the infamous Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.  Giant Flat Screen TVs for $199!  Blenders, toasters, heaters, coolers, warmers, thawers, massagers, and more, all available cheap, cheap, cheap, this coming Friday, Black Friday!

It is going to be great!!

Unfortunately some people get carried away and line up in the cold, in the wee hours, to be first in line to rush in to a store when it opens at 6am or 4 am on Black Friday!  And the pushing and shoving to reach the discounted advertised products is infamous, and certainly ridiculous.  But being in a crowd can bring out the worst in anybody.

Still, after a day of sitting inside, stuffing yourself with food, and watching american football for house on end, a day out of the house is a welcome break.  Especially if the weather is nice.


Thanksgiving 2011

It is wonderful to have a holiday that celebrates gratitude!  In the USA, we have two holidays that celebrate war (Memorial Day and Independence Day), and a holiday for Mothers (hooray!) and one for Fathers (ggreatt!!), and a few others, one for the spring solstice and one for the winter’s solstice, originally, I mean, and as my good friend, Tony, likes to say, “Every friday is good friday.”

Somehow each national holiday has become a merchant’s holiday which gives the vendors free reign to urge us to spend, spend, spend, less we be caught without lots of stuff in our houses, gardens and driveways.  Since shopping is one of the national passtimes in the US, shopping holidays are a big dieal.  We look forward to them, we save up to spend money on them, and we document them with photos of our shopping expeditions, our purchases, and our holiday parties that celebrate our mutual enjoyment with friends and families.

Every holiday has its own challanges.  Thanksgiving, with its big, hemongous meal, with family and/or friends gathered round, brings us the challenge of how to not overeat, with so much fabulous food presented!  Everyone is urging us to have more turkey, have more desert, and we don’t want to be or appear rude or unappreciative, so we go for a second plate, and try not to make it as big as the first one, often without success.

Vegetarian meals are becoming popular as a nod to healthyness.  Starting with a small plate is another way to cope with the peer pressure which is pushing us towards gluttony. Skipping the big meal and taking in a movie or going for a walk, alone or with a loved one, is another option.  Whatever method you chose to act healthy and give thanks, just be thankful that we have a lot to be thankful for!!





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