I am Michael Holcomb. I have been an off-line marketer for 30 years in education, the tech world, marketing and real estate. I studied, struggled, and kicked myself in the rear when things did not go right, and still kick myself in morning to get going and produce results!

But I constantly practiced marketing success secrets. If you apply most or even some of the success techniques from my blog to build your relationship with your list, your business will grow like like the tiny evergreen my neighbor planted 10 years ago that now dwarfs his house!

The internet is still in its infancy, thank goodness! But as of this year, there is change in the air for internet marketers. Our audience is getting tired of repetitive mailings. They are becoming jaded. So think for a moment: What exactly is the business we are in?<


If you think about it, we are not in the marketing field, exactly. We really are in the SUCCESS FIELD But more precisely, we are in the aspirations or hopes and dreams field.

We are selling aspirations. We cater to people’s desires, their yearnings. We sell a utopian vision of the good life, just as Disney is selling happiness! Disney is not selling toys, games, movies, CDs, and outfits, primarily. Disney is selling Happiness!

McDonalds does not sell just food; they sell an experience: Happy Meals, bright lights, bright colors, fries now, an Instant Experience. McDonalds gives you what your kids are jumping up and down about. McDonalds is selling instant Happy Meals! Any time you can wrap up happiness and food together in one package and sell it cheap and instantly, you have an instant winner.

We are marketing to people who want a better life, not just 10% better, but to raise themselves up to a whole ‘nother level. Our customers aspire to a better life for themselves and their kids. They might be swamped with day to day problems, but they are secret utopians. We all are. We can imagine a good life that is free from petty hassles. We yearn for the good life. I can imagine, for example how, educational TV can be. Every time someone turns it on, I go in the other room and read a good book (Groucho Marx).

The people on your list are all unique, each with their own set of problems. But in a sense, they all have the same problem. They want to make money online, of course, yes. Who doesn’t? But beneath that, they want a fast track to an improved life. They aspire to more! And if you can connect with them and build a relationship with them, they will stick with you over time.

Many of our customers feel their life is on a dirt road to nowhere. They feel they are stuck in red mud with the back wheels just spinning, while their empty pickup truck is sinking up to its axles. The more they rev the engine, the more noise they make, and the deeper they settle in. It feels like they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. They need a tow, or better, a heavy lifting Sikorsky skycrane to chopper in from over the horizon, reach down with its articulated lifting arms and pull them out. They are looking for help!


In all these examples, upward mobility is not just a catchword; it is a belief! It is an all pervasive powerful belief acted upon by millions everyday.