On tuesday before Thanksgiving, the excitement is building!  Are we excited about having our Thanksgiving in a few days?  Maybe.  But more so, it seems, we are excited to be drooling over not food, but the huge number of products available from Amazon.com, Ebay, Target, Tiger Direct, and all the other on-line marketers, products that will be available at cut rate, or should I say, cut throat, prices on the infamous Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.  Giant Flat Screen TVs for $199!  Blenders, toasters, heaters, coolers, warmers, thawers, massagers, and more, all available cheap, cheap, cheap, this coming Friday, Black Friday!

It is going to be great!!

Unfortunately some people get carried away and line up in the cold, in the wee hours, to be first in line to rush in to a store when it opens at 6am or 4 am on Black Friday!  And the pushing and shoving to reach the discounted advertised products is infamous, and certainly ridiculous.  But being in a crowd can bring out the worst in anybody.

Still, after a day of sitting inside, stuffing yourself with food, and watching american football for house on end, a day out of the house is a welcome break.  Especially if the weather is nice.


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