When you feel like this, know that we have all felt that way!  Not every day, hopefully.  But once in a while, yes!

What to do?  Just pick yourself up, climb out of bed, look in the mirrow and smile!  It works every time.

For every problem, there is a solution!  Just google it!  Hey, you google me, and I’ll google you!  That’s a fair deal!

And hey, if you don’t find the answers to your problems on google, look on YouTube!  Surely you will find something there helpful…or at least entertaining.

I am here to Blog, entertain, help and, yes, to make money.  I am a marketer.  I market products, services, real estate, all the necesities of life.  I help you find what is exactly right for you.  Email me your wants and needs at admin@michael-holcomb.com or post them below for our review.

Although when people first offer to help you, you don’t know if they are lying or telling the truth.  But you soon learn what they are up to, hopefully before you are out too much money, if they are into negative things.  But still, every experience is a learning experience.  Truly.  And everything is for the best.  These are eternal truths, if there are such things.  Or simple observations, if you will. Even better, self-fullfilling prophecies.  Those are the best kinds.


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