When you enter a marketing coaching program, the first thing they do is tell to study yourself and focus on what you know and are passionate about in order to market this focus energy, if you will, to help other people.

By the way, I recommend to everyone that the best and fastest way to get up to speed with any endeavor, especially internet marketing, is to get one-on-one training, whether you want to improve in your favorite sport or activity, or become very good and make a lot of money at internet marketing!

If you try to market some product or program that you yourself find boring, your disinterest will show through.  Similarly, you enthusiasm for a product will be infectious.  You love it!  Everyone will love it!  So be honest; be transparent;  find what you love, if it is practical and marketable, and spread the word.

I love finding artistic works in flea markets or on eBay that are obscure but still intense in a subtle way.  That is why I was attracted to Avril Harper’s Product, EBay Postcards Profit, and why I wholeheartedly recommend it. Avril loves searching for antique postcards.  It is her passion.  My view is that if you purchase an info product that is reasonably priced, educational,fun to use, and gives you value, go for it.  In this case, Avril helps you find antique postcards on eBay for resale; however, I tend to keep rare postcards and not sell them because the satisfaction of the viewing experience outweighs the money I would get selling them, but if the economy gets any worse, sell I will.

Avril has a real passion for searching for and discovering antique postcards, and that infectious energy powers this info product that teaches you how to do it.  You will find her product and the first one at the top right hand corner of my blog.  Good luck and have fun!


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