Motivation.  There’s a popular word that still does not get enough airplay.  Only when we are doing our very best are we motivated.  But how can we be totally on, totally focused, totally with it?  Be motivated.  We always go looking for motivation until we find it…within ourselves.

When we have to do something, we do it.  That’s motivation.  Believing we have to do something.  That’s motivation.  I have to write 200 words at the moment.  I can’t quit until I do.  That’s motivation.

Still, it is very helpful to read the experts, the legends, for the super motivation that stays with us day after day.  Napolean Hill was a master a motivating his readers.  His “Think and Grow Rich is perhaps the best motivation book of all time.  If you haven’t read it, get ahold of a copy.  They say he wrote an every better book, “Get Rich in Peace of Mind.”  Another classic indeed.

It’s great to read the rags to riches stories.  They are sure motivating, but most of us are not in rags, or starving.  We probably don’t have any extra money, and may be close to being thrown out of our houses or losing our cars, since the current great recession has humbled everyone, the high and mighty as well as the common folk.  We all need the same thing, I guess: motivation!


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