Users are joing the internet by droves!  Incredible, the number of internet users is doubling every year?  When people have a question about something, they don’t drive to the library; they don’t pick up the phone and call their mom.  They look on the internet where answers are available by the millions!

From where is the nearest store that carries inflatable boats to where is the nearest 24-hour pharmacy, to which on-line dating service should I enroll in, all these questions can be answered on the internet!

So you would think that when one wants to begin internet marketing, it should be easy to make money because of the sheer numbers of people show are customers.  But not so fast.  The trick is to get the attention of those customers somehow, and present them with answers to questions they have, solutions to their problems, products that will meet their very needs.  It can be pretty tricky to get the attention of the roving masses.

You can set up your blog, create products or market products offered as part of an affliate program, but you want make any money until significate numbers of people have seen your offers, since perhaps only 3 percent of them will buy.  So once you start putting your products and affiliate products out there, be prepared that your initial sales will be few and fare between.  But keep at it, and like almost any business, you should see your efforts pay off over time…as weeks turn into months turn into years…

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