I can guess what you might want: how about a new career as an internet marketer making six figures or more per year?  Am I right?  Would this be for you?  Ok.  This would not be too bad an option, but how in the world is one to get into it?  Where does one start?

Most people start by learning all they can from articles, ezines, posts, emails, and, very importanly, buying internet products specifically designed to help them more forward into internet marketing, as least according to the sellers of the products.

But unfortunately, many products purchased don’t seem to contribute to one’s bottom line or move one’s internet business forward at all.  Bummer.  So what is one to do?  Give up?  No, although many people do just that.  I mean, the idea of making $100,000 a year from one’s home computer is certainly a tempting image.  Can it this idea or ,can I say, GOAL be attained.  Is it realistic?

Hey, a lot of people have attained that very same goal!  More people have tried and failed than have succeeded.  So why do some succeed where others fail?  I would say there are two factors at work: EDUCATION and DETERMINATION.

Determination is something you have to provide.  But I think it is easy to be determined if you have help: if you have continuous reinforcement, are making great progress in many ways, and are on your way to success.

Eduication, on the other hand, is very difficult to produce by oneself.  This is where I can help you.  My GOAL is to provide you a set of 4 to 6 educational products by this  Dec 15th (2011) that you can purchase for under 10 dollars, and learn tons!

So stay tuned!


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