If you are curious about Internet Marketing, all the hot press about the work-from-home millionaires, you are are starting to investigate, and if you are like me, you are overwhelmed!  There is so much information, much of it conflicting, about how you should proceed, to whom to give your money for help.

You might have bought an information product, or two, which have not seen any activity as of yet!  One can spend the day trolling the internet, reading claim after claim, story of success one after another, and think, “How in the world can I get into this whirl-i-gig of the interent free-for-all?

After puchasing about 2,000 dollars of information products over the last 4 months, I tried a cheap mentering program.  This guy, a nice guy I suppose, had me laboriously coding HTML and struggling to get something on line, anything, but not with a purpose.  Then I realized I needed a program that gives results.  So I found a program with urgency, the urgency to make money.  The days later, here I am blogging on WordPress, with graphics and all the bells and whistles to come.

Finding you way into the chaos of internet marketing is not easy at all.  You really need professional help, much as you would pursue a college education if you want to professional job, or find a professional mechanic if your car has big problems!  Doing the intense almost 8 hour a day research to learn about all that is required, to sift through all the noise on the internet, and to associate yourself with great like-minded people is the only way to go.  Like almost everything in life, there are no shortcuts.  And if you find a shortcut, you might later say, as the survivors of the Donner Party said, “Don’t take no shortcuts on your way out here!”



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