Today’s first useful tip is from the renown very successful marketer, Jonathan Budd.  According to him:
“If you are still trying to figure out your niche…find your voice in  this industry…figure out what you are good at…then ask your friends and family.  Often it is those closest to us who can tell us what we are really good at!

Furthermore, here is today’s second actually astounding tip:

We’ve all seen how quickly Youtube videos
can go viral by viewers sharing the link with
one another all over the web.

Some of those videos get millions of views
in just a matter of days. What if you can
harness this sort of viral power and implement
it with your sales and list building process?

The Buzzinar is a viral funnel creation system
that teaches you how to do this and also
provides the website theme and software for
you to automate it.

The creators, Omar and Melinda Martin have
used these very tools to generate millions of
dollars online. This isn’t some old rehashed
stuff that got slapped together.

This is the real deal:

Watch the video right now to learn how you
can implement this super simple and genius
process into your marketing today.

To your success,
Michael Holcomb

P.S. This information has never been released
before and probably never will be again. So you
need to take action before it’s too late:

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