We can always fine tune our time managment skills. Like:

Get up at 6am every day!  This is pretty extreme, but if you want something bad enough, you will do anything to get it.

Don’t run around trying to do a bunch of things at one time.  Settle on one task and focus on that one task until it is done.  Otherwise, you may get nothing done.

No emails before noon, say a lot of successful people.  I think they are right.  That frees up the whole morning to work!

Complete your most important or most difficult task first.  Then it is done!

Pick 3 big tasks to accomplish today.  The little stuff always gets done.  It is the big fellas that seem to elude us.

Finally, write every day with honesty and conviction.

Thanks to Kim Roach for reminding us of this.  She knows success and this is how she did it!  You can do the same!

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