The 2012 summer Olympic games were terrific, but they ended all too soon.  Just when the public was really getting engaged with following the games, finding ways to view the games streaming online, we watched the great ending ceremony, and that was that.


However, for us internet marketers, our participation in the internet is only just beginning.  The internet in definitely in its infancy, and a really experience internet marketer is one with two years experience!  This amount would be entry level in old, established industries like engineering, medicine or real estate.  But our industry is so new, we are still figuring out how to use the marvelous, infinite capacity of the internet.

So don’t be discouraged if you feel you have not mastered internet marketing.  No one has, although there is getting to be quite a few folks who are making a pretty penny marketing on the internet.  Find yourself a mentor, or 2 or 3, and have at it.  You will not be sorry; you will be rich, most likely.  Oh, and one more thing: the most important rule, and perhaps the only rule.  Never Give Up!

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