August is the most beautiful month in many ways, in the northern hemisphere.  It is a time of very warm weather which means lots of outdoor activities whether it is exercising or eating or both.  Our culture and our country tends to take a vacation, sometimes for the whole month.  But I suggest to you that you start early to ease back into the settember work flow, so that when the day after labor day comes, your motor will be firing on all cylinders!

The problems keep coming, but with every challange comes a victory, and no matter how small, a victory empowers us to go on to more and bigger victorys.  That is the name of success.  Constant challenges breed constant successes, one click at a time.

No one will become overpowered and quit working if all they have to do is take a picture of yourself and load it onto your computer.  Voila!  You have your gravatar, as in, a picture of you that you can use as your signature.  Another step of many, all leading in the right direction: forward, building your online business, again, one click at a time.

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