With hot weather here in the northern hemisphere, we again have a lot to be thankful for.  We are lucky to be able to enjoy our summer, green fields surrounded by rows of wildflowers after summer rains, lazy afternoons.  It is tempting to take a break, for the whole summer, perhaps.   But summer also presents us with many opportunities for marketing our services.  In this poor economy, it is tempting to thrown in the towel and forget the whole thing.

But the world goes on, with or without you, so the best thing is to prioritize your priorities, reschedule your schedules, and restrategize your strategies to meet the challenges coming your way and take advantage of the fabulous opportunities we are presented.

How to monetize your way through the labyrinth is a fascinating problem with equally fascinating solutions, many in fact.  Just do some brainstorming and creative solutions will rain.



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