As we are all human, we are all prey to certain human emotions and frailties that are not really helpful: self-doubt, short bouts of procrasticationitus, a hickup of lack of faith, an instant of  questioning as to whether we are doing the right things with our lives.  One great help for everyone is to express gratitude.  In fact, the personal growth publishers, Mind Valley, have created a web site for that very purpose.

Logging on to every morning as their employees do, one has the chance to formulate clear thoughts and be really thankful.  This puts everything is a positive light, first thing in the morning.  What a way to start the day!  Like a good breakfast, good thinking can make the day go great.  A good beginning to anything is way more preferable to a so-so beginning.

In these troublesome times of economic crisis and the reality of our personal freedoms being eroded away, it takes a lot to be positive and cheerful, but a great attitude is necessary, desireable, and is the only way to live, I think.  Don’t you?

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