Spring is here, more or less, and bringing along with it the usual spring fever.  Ouput seems to be slowing down by some of my marketing friends.  So please don’t let yourself slip into an unproductive rut.

If you find that a day or two goes by without you turning out a whole bunch of work, or perhaps any, don’t put off the whole shebang any longer.  Don’t just add stuff to your to-do list, and file the list.

Let’s figure out how we can break the sled runers loose from the frozen snow!   I say, don’t plan a huge barrage of work that gets put off ever longer.  Just pick one little thing that you can do today.  And another small chore tomorrow.  There, the work habit is starting to return.   Make it two things the following day, and three things the next.   There.   That is the way to regain your momentum and start adding dollars to your bank account.

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