Nowadays, in our consumer age, every holiday is seen as a field day for marketers.  Perhaps the holidays were created by marketers; I don’t know.  The history of holidays goes way back, back to when holidays were weather-centric, weather created.  If a blizzard hit, voila’, you had a holiday. A typhoon coming ashore, everyone hunkers down.

But now, living in a 24-hour media blitz called the modern world, we often let the shrill calls to buy pass over our heads.  But at the same time, a shopper’s holiday such as Black Friday gives a chance to find some bargains, and pick up another TV or new computer on sale!  Why not.  How to sift thorough the piles of stuff coming at us?  This is where bloggers come in.  We spend the time and the effort to go though the details, read the specs, study the reviews, and come up with good solid recommendations based on our research, and often personal experience.  So find a blogger you trust, and go along for the ride.  Hopefully the good will outweigh the bad.  Remember, nobody is perfect.  But some people are trustworthy, looking out for your interests; others are not. It is up to your good judgment to find a good voice, and keep in touch!



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