Your goal is to become a positive presence in your customers’ everyday lives. But don’t mail them the same offer over and over. You can mail a second time if you think they missed it the first time. But you do not want to be trying to ram something down their throat or threaten them to act now or be doomed to hell. Instead, offer them only good products with good follow up letters and occasional letters asking for feedback. Unadvertised bonuses, membership programs that provide consistent huge value, your own focus on new and better products, and a search for specific products that match the focus of your own products.

If you don’t bother to become a presence your list anticipate, the following might happen.

Here’s the actual email I recently received:

Hello friend,

I’m sending this message because within 
the last two years you opted into one of 
my websites about Internet Business and 

Beginning January 31, I will be discontinuing 
email marketing.  I believe email is no 
longer a cost effective means of marketing.

Our email auto responders – both stock and 
customized messages converted poorly.  And 
as my list grew into the thousands, email 
marketing fees became significant.Therefore 
because of the practically nil conversion 
rates an email marketing spend is not justified.”

What principal of internet marketing did he forget? He forgot to build and nurture the relationship with his list. Sure, he build a huge list. But it was very unresponsive and ultimately unprofitable!

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