Everyone has problems. That is why your customers are coming to you. They have problems. They are looking for solutions. As entrepreneurs, we thrive on problem solving. Hassles are great because the more problems we have, the more opportunities we also have to provide solutions…which make us money! Entrepreneurs are flexible, adaptable, resilient. We have to be!

 Solve their problems by being consistent with your delivery. Be frequent. If you used to have a favorite TV show, you looked for it at a certain time. It didn’t just pop up randomly. Same with your magazine subscriptions. They come like clockwork, the same time every month. You too should strive for consistency. Email 3 times a week, and stick with it.

 Remember we are never out of excuses! I don’t know of many races that procrastinators win. They have a unique problem: As Leslie Nielsen put it, “Doing nothing is very hard to do…You never know when you’re finished!” Don’t be one of those who work at doing nothing. And never forget, there is a big difference in ACTION, ie a flurry of activity, and RESULTS, something that puts money in your pocket.

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