If people are attracted to what you have to offer, and understand it, you immediately have great influence with them. Everyone wants to be a part of something. We belong, by droves, to clubs, churches, hobby groups. We’d rather work for a prestigious company rather than a no-name. Last week, when the guy in front of me in the rental car line reached the desk, he didn’t say his name or reservation number. He said, “I work for Boeing!” Are you important when you belong to a giant company? You think you are.

 Starbucks has created the illusion of a private club with its physical and emotional environment. Starbucks offers a consistent, comfortable place for their “members”, and its not cheap to belong. Critics mock it by calling it “Fourbucks,” but no one is laughing. We are lining up to buy our members discount cards and use them coast to coast. It costs to belong to starbucks. And people will pay to belong to your list if they think they must.

To connect with this desire to belong, to fulfill this need, you must get clear on what your primary category is. Be a specialist expert, so people know how to pigeon hole you. You too can create a psychological environment as emotionally appealing to your list as Martha’s is for her list and Starbuck’s is for their list. When you walk in and order your double mint latte with whipped cream on top, you are declaring your membership and exercising your privileges!

To be a successful marketer, you must define your focus. You need to build a business that is extraordinary and perceived as extraordinary by others. Don’t even think about being a normal business. 

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