All you have to do to make money in Information Marketing is create your own product!  It should be a good one, one that stands out, that people are glad to receive.  If people like your product, they will probably like getting emails from you and most likely buy your products, especially if they are quite unique.

It helps to have a support group, so contact and share info with other marketers and  even team up with one when you get the chance so that you keep your momentum going, and are accountable to at least one person, your colleague.  Joining  mastermind group for mutual support is always useful, but can be expensive especially if you are on a budget.  Really, there is only one basic principle: keep trying to succeed, and you will.

In residential real estate, the governing rule is Location, Location, Location.  In commercial real estate, it is Cash Flow, Cash Flow, Cash Flow.  In Internet Marketing, our mantra is Never Give Up, Never Give Up, Never Give Up!

Every failure is a learning experience.  Every step puts you one step closer to your goals.  Every success in earned by hard work, and lots of it too!  We are all rooting for you, so give it 100%, hang it there, and the money will come like rain.  Drizzle, anyway. :-)



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