As the song goes, “The best things in life are free…”, and this is so true today.  If you really love someone, the best thing you can give them is you, your presence, your attention, your love.  There is no amount of gold or diamonds in the world that is worth one minute of someone’s love.  We get so caught up in the pursuit of material things, when the most important thing is this world is each other.  It is so good to remember this on Thanksgiving Eve, 2011.  Perhaps families that fight is not the best place to find love, but if you give love, you will surely get love.  Desire, attraction, an intense presence, a heightened state of awareness, all are manifestations of that thing called love.  I don’t know if love makes the world go round, but it can sure get you into a heap of trouble, or lost in a wonderful world of communicating and sharing!  And the person that benefits the most and learns the most is you, when you give all you have to give!  The more you love, the more giving you are, the more intense and real the whole experience becomes.  So open yourself up to love and let love work its wonders!

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