Temporay failure always proceeds success.  No one starts from success.  They achieve it through hard work and effort over time.

If you want to be successful quicker, double your failure rate.  Buying more software to store on your hard drive is not failure.  It is just wasting time…and money.

WRITE DOWN ALL YOUR OBSTACLES so you can see what you are up against.

Then the solutions will be obvious.

You will experience success and rise in life in relation to your ability to SOLVE PROBLEMS.  Problem is a skill that needs to be practiced.

Typically, most of lack concrete, realistic goals and a simple plan to achieve them.

In the internet marketing field, people want results.  Period.  They don’t want theory or pizazz, although that usually helps.  They want a product or service that can help them make money!

So build, buy or borrow a list.  Convert this list of leads into customers by offering them great products.  And always, Delight your customers with exceptional services and exceptional products.

Never get discouraged.  Just keep plugging away, and accomplish each step one at a time.

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