A great relationship with your herd will multiply your customer list times 2, or even 20!

How?  By generating referrals.  A referral is your best new customer.  They are expected to buy.  They are happy to be admitted to the club.  They have little skepticism and are more easily sold to and are happy with what they get.

How can you generate referrals?  you have to earn them.  Walt Disney put it this way, “Do what you do so well that people can’t resist telling others about you.”

Another example as reported by Dan Kennedy is a dentist that caters to children who came up with 300 things to improve his practice, after a seminar on creative thinking.

This dentist redesigned his office to make it really comfortable for the ‘short people’ who came there.  He lowered the reception staff into a pit behind the counter, so they were at eye level with his little patients.

He hung big photographs of each dentist and dental assistant on the wall along with descriptions of each’s hobbies and interests, so the little patients could pick their dentist and assistant based on which ones they had the most in common with.

He gave away bicycles, free!  Each patient got a home care follow up Report Card for their parents to fill out.  If the Report Card came back to the dentist with all A’s, the kid got a bicycle.  Imagine the child riding around the neighborhood on their new bike and people asking, “Where did you get that new bike?”  And they answered, “My dentist.”

The dentist called each new patient at home the night after a treatment, to see how they were feeling.  And he called the parent the day after too.

Every new patient left their first appointment with an autographed 8 x 10 glossy of the their dentist and their dental assistant!

Soon this dentist’s habits were the hot topic at all the neighborhood lunches and meetings.  How many referrals was that?

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