How can communication start?

The USS Nimitz aircraft carrier radar operator reported to the captain, “Radar reporting vessel dead ahead.”

The captain got on the radio on the common frequency, “This is the captain of the USS Nimitz, give way.”

“No can do,” came the reply.

“This is the captain of the USS Nimitz, the largest vessel afloat.  Give way, I say!  That’s an order!”

Came back the reply, “And this is the Grand Point Lighthouse.  Your call!”

We might have to jump through hoops to establish good communication, but it is so worth it to take the time to do so!

What I am talking about is that everybody in marketing is building a list of subscribers that are interested in their particular niche.  We do this order to provide them with the best products and services available.   You want to market to your list, of course!  And hopefully, you will be always building a relationship to that list that is absolutely awesome.  Don’t settle for anything less!

My niche is List Building, so listen up!

What do you talk to your list about to start and maintain this bonding?  Advanced, expert marketers call this list a “herd”, a group to be taken care of, managed, nourished, with the idea that it will grow in size.  And as any owner of a herd expects, you will be rewarded well for your efforts if your efforts are really the best for the herd!

So what can you talk to your herd about, as opposed to sending them a constant stream of not really too attractive affiliate offers?

Philosophically speaking, you need to talk about ideas specific to the core of the relationship, trends, great info, hints, how to instruction, motivational material, and lots of stuff they are really looking for.  More tomorrow.  Have some great conversations today.

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