After your morning coffee, I bet you are raring  to go!  But to go where and do what? If we focus our energy with laser sharp focus, I bet we could triple our income!

If you want to make money online, well…first, choose a market you wish to serve. Choose your niche wisely, and you will be rewarded.  If you pick an area to focus on that has hoards of hungry buyers who can’t spend their money fast enough, chances are you will have some success or more likely a lot of success.

There are thousands of niches out there, but you should probably stay with the top three safe areas, health and fitness, personal relationships, and making money.  Thre will always be tons of people interested in these three areas.   Of course, you need to narrow it down, and take aim.

The more time you spend your research on likely target niches, the better chance of you finding a hot market that is under served.

Some claim that all the good domain names are taken but I know different.  When I searched last week for a domain for my latest Information Product, Advanced List Builder, is was available, so I snapped it up.  Since I have a deadline of Jan 31st for this product and today, the 15th, it is still not finished, I better get busy!

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