Here we are in another beautiful New Year, by our calendar, and all motivated up to go forth and do good works!  It is a great time to be in the internet marketing business, as the internet is just starting to pick up steam!  The number of users is doubling every year, so at this rate, we will soon have more internet users than we have people!

Still, we each have our own perspective and unique personality and skills to help others, to bring our message to others!  If you can help people and make a difference in their lives, they will gladly show their appreciation by sending money your way.  Think of helping them first and money second.  Please don’t get the order reversed.

Sometimes you might not see how valuable some of your skills are, since to you a lot of what you do and how to do it is obvious.  But to someone who does not know how to FTP or do the quickstep in double time, it is not obvious.  Finding the people who are looking for the answers that you provide, often desperately looking for those answers is tricky, and a lot of work.  But anything worth doing is a lot of work, especially if you get paid for doing it!

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