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An Internet Business is Built One Click at a Time

Marketing masters advertise they will give you a million dollar business if you only…buy their product, take their coaching, sign up for recurring fees and generally send them gobs of money.  However, what they don’t emphasize is a business is build one click at a time.  You never go from zero to hero in an instant.  It takes concentrated effort, day after day, celebrating your tiny successes and celebrating even more your setbacks.  Because from a defeat, you learn;  from struggle, you progress.

Solving problems only makes us stronger.  So bring on the problems.  Actually, they are here now.  Don’t you agree.  Let’s tackle them one at a time!

Glorious Fall Weather…and back to work!

It is great to have some cool fall weather to invigorate us.  Great sunny mild weather is a reward for suffering through the crushing summer heat wave and the long forgotten frigid blasts from last winter.

With the mild weather, it is great to be typing with the windows open and the sun streaming in.  But our focus must be on connecting with our readers and helping them.  The greatest thrill in life comes from helping others.  It is a great mindset, and is very rewarding.


Today’s first useful tip is from the renown very successful marketer, Jonathan Budd.  According to him:
“If you are still trying to figure out your niche…find your voice in  this industry…figure out what you are good at…then ask your friends and family.  Often it is those closest to us who can tell us what we are really good at!

Furthermore, here is today’s second actually astounding tip:

We’ve all seen how quickly Youtube videos
can go viral by viewers sharing the link with
one another all over the web.

Some of those videos get millions of views
in just a matter of days. What if you can
harness this sort of viral power and implement
it with your sales and list building process?

The Buzzinar is a viral funnel creation system
that teaches you how to do this and also
provides the website theme and software for
you to automate it.

The creators, Omar and Melinda Martin have
used these very tools to generate millions of
dollars online. This isn’t some old rehashed
stuff that got slapped together.

This is the real deal:

Watch the video right now to learn how you
can implement this super simple and genius
process into your marketing today.

To your success,
Michael Holcomb

P.S. This information has never been released
before and probably never will be again. So you
need to take action before it’s too late:


Now we can set ourselves a deadline now and multiple deadlines and forge ahead.  We can’t fail.  We have no choice but to keep going.

Another way of looking at it: “Inaction breeds doubt and fear.  Action breeds confidence and courage.  If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it.  Go out and get busy!”

Great words, eh?



September, then November…before you know it!

We can always fine tune our time managment skills. Like:

Get up at 6am every day!  This is pretty extreme, but if you want something bad enough, you will do anything to get it.

Don’t run around trying to do a bunch of things at one time.  Settle on one task and focus on that one task until it is done.  Otherwise, you may get nothing done.

No emails before noon, say a lot of successful people.  I think they are right.  That frees up the whole morning to work!

Complete your most important or most difficult task first.  Then it is done!

Pick 3 big tasks to accomplish today.  The little stuff always gets done.  It is the big fellas that seem to elude us.

Finally, write every day with honesty and conviction.

Thanks to Kim Roach for reminding us of this.  She knows success and this is how she did it!  You can do the same!