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Hi Blog Readers,

Time Management is one of those universal topics we all acknowledge, but probably don’t give as much attention to as we should. My take is if you do what you don’t want to do, that is, work, then you are managing your time effectively. How many of us self-employed want to do what we absolutly do not want to do all day long, day after day? Just thinking about this kind of life hurts your brain, you say?

But actually, if you start doing this right now, doing what you don’t want to do, pretty soon you will get in the groove and be very, very productive, and really enjoy it. Admittedly, this is a hard concept to wrap your mind around. How about this: do your most difficult task first thing in the morning. With that out of the way, the rest of the day will seem easy, be easy, and the rest of your work will flow.

 Your goal is to become a positive presence in your customers’ everyday lives. But don’t mail them the same offer over and over. You can mail a second time if you think they missed it the first time. But you do not want to be trying to ram something down their throat or threaten them to act now or be doomed to hell. Instead, offer them only good products with good follow up letters and occasional letters asking for feedback. Unadvertised bonuses, membership programs that provide consistent huge value, your own focus on new and better products, and a search for specific products that match the focus of your own products.

If you don’t bother to become a presence your list anticipate, the following might happen.

Here’s the actual email I recently received:

Hello friend,

I’m sending this message because within 
the last two years you opted into one of 
my websites about Internet Business and 

Beginning January 31, I will be discontinuing 
email marketing.  I believe email is no 
longer a cost effective means of marketing.

Our email auto responders – both stock and 
customized messages converted poorly.  And 
as my list grew into the thousands, email 
marketing fees became significant.Therefore 
because of the practically nil conversion 
rates an email marketing spend is not justified.”

What principal of internet marketing did he forget? He forgot to build and nurture the relationship with his list. Sure, he build a huge list. But it was very unresponsive and ultimately unprofitable!

Everyone has problems. That is why your customers are coming to you. They have problems. They are looking for solutions. As entrepreneurs, we thrive on problem solving. Hassles are great because the more problems we have, the more opportunities we also have to provide solutions…which make us money! Entrepreneurs are flexible, adaptable, resilient. We have to be!

 Solve their problems by being consistent with your delivery. Be frequent. If you used to have a favorite TV show, you looked for it at a certain time. It didn’t just pop up randomly. Same with your magazine subscriptions. They come like clockwork, the same time every month. You too should strive for consistency. Email 3 times a week, and stick with it.

 Remember we are never out of excuses! I don’t know of many races that procrastinators win. They have a unique problem: As Leslie Nielsen put it, “Doing nothing is very hard to do…You never know when you’re finished!” Don’t be one of those who work at doing nothing. And never forget, there is a big difference in ACTION, ie a flurry of activity, and RESULTS, something that puts money in your pocket.

Be Clear, Stand Out: Become a Fresh Voice

First,  you must let your personality shine.  Make your customers see who you are.  Be yourself, and emphasis your strong points.  Your customers are going to buy from someone they know long before they buy from someone they don’t know from Adam.

Focus on what is unique about you and your services.  What exactly is unique about your products?  Think about the way most marketers do things and do things differently, your way!  Emphasize your personal strengths so that you stand out and your customers come to know you.  you want them to look forward to your communications.  So give them something to look forward do!

But be careful; there is confidence and there is overconfidence, as you may have heard:

“Captain, there is an emergency!” called out the First Officer.  A bright light loomed dead ahead;  a collision seemed imminent.  The captain got on the radio on the common frequency.

“This is the USS Nimitz.  Make way!”

“No can do,” came the answer back.  The light did not change course.

  “Exasperated, the captain shouted, “This the Carrier Nimitz, the largest vessel afloat.  Make way, I say!”

The voice responded, “And this is the Grand Point Lighthouse.  Your call.”

Never forget where you are and who you are talking to.  When you reach out to your audience, you can’t bluff them.  Become a fresh voice!