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Tempted to become Complacent? Don’t!

Fighting Complacency is like doing the dishes; it never ends!  But every time you take action in the kitchen, every thing is gleaming and ready, and you feel great!   So lets always be alert and thinking and working.  It is a great habit to have.  Building great habits is the way to put yourself on autopilot.  Pretty soon, you will not question yourself: should I take the day off and waste it away?  No, you review your to-to list every night, and wake up firing on all 8 cylinders.

Complacency is to be avoided at all costs.  It can creap into your life if you let it.  Don’t let it.  If you hit a plateau, think, OK, let’s try a different approach.  If you are making money, don’t slack off and think the gravy train will continue for ever.

First, look around.  Get some help, see what has worked for someone else.

Second, try to associate with like-minded powerfully motivated individuals.  Studies show that Wall Street traders who stayed in constant communication with colleagues outperformed those who did not. Consider your associates your support team, or support staff.  You can bounce ideas off of them and ideas come from them.  You can keep the energy level high this way.

Third, make sure you are not repeating actions or processes that lead to a dead end for you before.  Breath some fresh air into your daily routine.  Get innovative.  Go outside your comfort zone.

Fourth, try ramping up your exercise routine.  This will irrigate your brain with a lot of new ideas which you can use today. Fifth, look to mentors in the written word.  The classic marketing books from the past are timeless.  Read or reread Zig Zigler or Maltz or Dan Kennedy’s no BS series.  Are you complacent?  Don’t even think about it!


Here we are in another beautiful New Year, by our calendar, and all motivated up to go forth and do good works!  It is a great time to be in the internet marketing business, as the internet is just starting to pick up steam!  The number of users is doubling every year, so at this rate, we will soon have more internet users than we have people!

Still, we each have our own perspective and unique personality and skills to help others, to bring our message to others!  If you can help people and make a difference in their lives, they will gladly show their appreciation by sending money your way.  Think of helping them first and money second.  Please don’t get the order reversed.

Sometimes you might not see how valuable some of your skills are, since to you a lot of what you do and how to do it is obvious.  But to someone who does not know how to FTP or do the quickstep in double time, it is not obvious.  Finding the people who are looking for the answers that you provide, often desperately looking for those answers is tricky, and a lot of work.  But anything worth doing is a lot of work, especially if you get paid for doing it!


“What is unique about you?”  When you are in the internet marketing business, the first thing a potential customer wants to know about you is just this!

Once you formulate this, you have your most important sales element, by far!

Take a minute and start a list. Answer this question, “What is Unique about You?” If nothing pops to mind immediately, just start brainstorming.  List topics, go with word associations, jot down ideas that pop into your head, and keep writing on your paper, filling the page. Study the list and ask yourself again, “Which of these elements make me stand out from the competition?”

Too many marketers send out short “Buy Now!” blasts to their list over and over that people tire of quickly.  Repeating the same boring techniques that everyone else uses is not going to help you stand out from others.

The people on your list are all unique, with their own set of problems. But most of them have the same problem: they want to make money online. Who doesn’t?

People often feel they are stuck in a rut, spinning their wheels like an empty pickup truck stuck in axle-deep mud. The more they rev their engine, the more noise they make, and the deeper they sink.

They want to break out of their rut.

People are looking for one of two things:

They want a fresh completely new idea or new technique they can use for a new business venture, a new software product they can use or market, a new marketing tool they can use to make money, or…

Or they want to enhance and improve an existing product or process they are currently using.

Either one of these will be a breakthrough for them.

Your job as a marketer is to be a fresh voice to them.  Provide products and services that address this specific problem: “How can I quite doing the same old thing that works some or maybe is not working so good, and start doing something different that does work, and works well?

There are a lot of reports and blog posts that proclaim the death of internet marketing as we know it. If the bloggers are referring to the technique of blasting a blind email list with bogus claims for questionable products, then all well and good.  Yes, it is time for something a little different.


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