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Be Clear, Stand Out: Become a Fresh Voice

First,  you must let your personality shine.  Make your customers see who you are.  Be yourself, and emphasis your strong points.  Your customers are going to buy from someone they know long before they buy from someone they don’t know from Adam.

Focus on what is unique about you and your services.  What exactly is unique about your products?  Think about the way most marketers do things and do things differently, your way!  Emphasize your personal strengths so that you stand out and your customers come to know you.  you want them to look forward to your communications.  So give them something to look forward do!

But be careful; there is confidence and there is overconfidence, as you may have heard:

“Captain, there is an emergency!” called out the First Officer.  A bright light loomed dead ahead;  a collision seemed imminent.  The captain got on the radio on the common frequency.

“This is the USS Nimitz.  Make way!”

“No can do,” came the answer back.  The light did not change course.

  “Exasperated, the captain shouted, “This the Carrier Nimitz, the largest vessel afloat.  Make way, I say!”

The voice responded, “And this is the Grand Point Lighthouse.  Your call.”

Never forget where you are and who you are talking to.  When you reach out to your audience, you can’t bluff them.  Become a fresh voice!


Every day when wake up to face another beautiful day of this wonderful life, let us count our blessings for being alive!

If it is Monday through Friday, we also go to work, typically.  If we want to work as internet marketers, we need to do only 3 things.  Yes, only 3 things.

First, we need leads, people to sell our products and services to.  We can get these leads from buying advertising, from people landing on our blog pages somehow, either from clicking on results from organic searches or following links from forums, other blogs, or articles, forum posts, recommendations, links in articles, and mentions somewhere.  There are a kazillion sources for traffic.

Second, we must use honest, transparent marketing and salesmanship to convert these leads we have attracted into customers.  We do this by presenting our high quality products and services to them in a way that helps them see, “Yes, that is what I want!”

We show our prospects what we have and explain what it will do for them.  Then we urge them to take action, to buy!

Third, we only sell stuff that is high quality and provides high value to the customer.  In short, we aim to delight and amazing our customers.

If my coaching customer has a gorgeous blog up and running in a week, they will be amazed, perhaps ecstatic!  If they have a working optin popup and are sending out a free report after six weeks of struggle, wow,  they are going to be happily building their list.

If you can do these three things well, congratulations!  You have achieved what more than half of the people who want to make money online have not been able to achieve!  Most people don’t know how to generate leads from advertising, don’t know how to converts leads into customers, and aren’t particularly concerned about delighting their customers.  If that is the case, they are not going to make money online.

If you would like to learn how to do these three things, stay tuned.

If you would like have a blog and build a list and start marketing to that list,  please email me at to find out more about my personal coaching program.  Here’s to your success online!  You can do it!  I know you can, and so do you!