It is wonderful to have a holiday that celebrates gratitude!  In the USA, we have two holidays that celebrate war (Memorial Day and Independence Day), and a holiday for Mothers (hooray!) and one for Fathers (ggreatt!!), and a few others, one for the spring solstice and one for the winter’s solstice, originally, I mean, and as my good friend, Tony, likes to say, “Every friday is good friday.”

Somehow each national holiday has become a merchant’s holiday which gives the vendors free reign to urge us to spend, spend, spend, less we be caught without lots of stuff in our houses, gardens and driveways.  Since shopping is one of the national passtimes in the US, shopping holidays are a big dieal.  We look forward to them, we save up to spend money on them, and we document them with photos of our shopping expeditions, our purchases, and our holiday parties that celebrate our mutual enjoyment with friends and families.

Every holiday has its own challanges.  Thanksgiving, with its big, hemongous meal, with family and/or friends gathered round, brings us the challenge of how to not overeat, with so much fabulous food presented!  Everyone is urging us to have more turkey, have more desert, and we don’t want to be or appear rude or unappreciative, so we go for a second plate, and try not to make it as big as the first one, often without success.

Vegetarian meals are becoming popular as a nod to healthyness.  Starting with a small plate is another way to cope with the peer pressure which is pushing us towards gluttony. Skipping the big meal and taking in a movie or going for a walk, alone or with a loved one, is another option.  Whatever method you chose to act healthy and give thanks, just be thankful that we have a lot to be thankful for!!